Sunday Keynote

Paul Long

Paul J Long has challenged the traditional corporate landscape in sales and service beginning in 2004. He has leveraged this experience and his ability to connect with others for the last decade to engage audiences around the globe. With his fun-loving attitude, infectious spirit and philosophy of “fundamism,” Paul has provided memorable experiences for countless engagements including but not limited to workshops, trade shows, keynotes and more. His shenanigans have been featured in media outlets like ESPN, the Washington Post and even the Wall Street Journal! Years ago, while working for a conservative call center in the highly conservative industry of insurance, Paul had a conversation with a manager and several other employees. “Are you always this upbeat and optimistic?” asked one of the call center employees. “Give it time,” retorted the manager, “this place will get to him.” From that day forth Paul decided not to allow experiences to shape others but rather motivate and engage others to create memorable experiences for themselves.

Monday Keynote

Joe Fingerhut

Joe Fingerhut speaks from the heart about issues that are real to young people today. He has faced
adversity, suffered loss, and pursued his passions despite long odds. Joe connects with audiences
using humor, magic, and relevant stories of his own adventures, and he has a knack for connecting
each young person’s heart with a powerful message of hope.  After an eventful upbringing in St. Louis, Missouri, Joe began exploring in college and beyond.  In the eight years after graduating, Joe went to 30 countries on six continents and found a way to make a living by entertaining. His skills in magic, storytelling and performance have paved the way for a successful career as a speaker, teacher, and a music DJ. In fact, Joe was named the 2011 National DJ of the Year by Complete Music. Joe focuses on conquering the “destiny of normalcy,” which afflicts too many young people today.  He communicates a positive message of turning “I can’t” into “How can I?” while sharing stories from his life, his travels, and showcasing his amazing skills in juggling, magic, and performing arts.  He is passionate about inspiring young people to dream bigger dreams, eliminate limits, and lead themselves, all the while teaching them the power of right choices, attitude, and character. He leaves them with tools to transform their lives and the world around them. He has spoken at schools, youth groups, camps, and conferences across America and in multiple countries.